Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

Adarsh Fabricators are pioneers in the field of surface technology. We offer a wide range of Shot Blasting machines to suit the requirements of our customers. One such type is a Table type Shot blasting machine.

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine is designed for efficiently cleaning heavy castings, and forgings and removing heat-treat scale dirt, sand, etc. Job from rotating on Rotating Turntable. The Job is loaded on Door mounted Turntable & fed into the Blasting Chamber where they are blasted. After blasting, the shots fall down inside the hopper and are gravity fed to the lower screw conveyor. The Chamber is robustly designed to take the brunt of heavy abrasive working environments.

The area right in front of the blast stream is fully protected with Hardened Plates on both sides and the rest of the site is also protected with wear-resistant neoprene Rubber Sheets for the long life of the Chamber. The door is also lined with wear resistant neoprene rubber sheet.
These machines can be supplied in one and two doors with a table. The operation of the machine is simple and automatic.
36” Single Door/Double Door
48” Single Door/Double Door
72” Single Door/Double Door
96” Heavy Duty

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Product Features

The wheel assembly is a compact, simple and durable structure.
Segregation is very efficient which gives dust free environment.
Dust bag filters significantly reduce air pollution and improve the work capacity.
Smooth finish on castings, forgings and fabricated items.
De-sanding & descaling of castings and forgings.
Removal of heat-treated scales.
PLC Operated Sequential Control or Auto Sequence Operation.
Customised machine for heavy and big jobs up to 60-ton weight


Application in Casting, Forging & Heat Treatment Shops.
Descaling of castings, forgings.
Surface hardening (shot peening).