Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Hanger Shot Blasting Machines that are the most flexible and efficient type of blasting equipment.
These machines give Batch type production, in which one batch of parts moves in the chamber, starts rotating, gets blasted and moves out. The Continuous type version of this machine is equipped with a monorail system that moves the parts continuously through the shot blasting machine.
Trust our Hanger Shot Blasting machines for their design, quality and life.
Types of Hanger Shot Blasting Machine-
Spinner Hanger Type -Single Door
Spinner Hanger Type -Double Door
Y Shape Monorail Hanger Type
Continuous Overhead Monorail Hanger Type
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Economical abrasive consumption
Completely lined with hardened liners for better life of the chamber.
Wheel assembly is compact, simple and durable structure.
Segregation is very efficient which gives dust free environment .
Dust bag filters greatly reduce air pollution and improves the work capacity.
Easy integration into existing production lines.
High sand separation capacity with the help of air-wash separation system.
Can be tailor made as per the customers specifications and requirement.
Low maintenance.
Easy access to maintenance areas and easily replaceable parts.
Assured quality inspection at all stages of machinery development


Blast cleaning welded steel fabrications
Blast cleaning castings , forgings components
Deburring and homogenising diecast parts
Peening dynamically stressed components
Removal of burrs and scales
Increase of surface roughness
Shot peening to increase fatigue strength