Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

A Portable Sand Blasting Machine can be defined as one of the most effective methods with which a surface can be cleaned, smoothened and all foreign materials removed.

It is used to smoothen rough surfaces, remove rust or corrosion from metal surfaces and clean a surface using abrasive material known as media which is propelled using high pressure typically through compressed air.

Portable Sand blasting machines are widely used in various industries such as Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Boat & Ship Cleaning, Sheet Metal components cleaning, Forging ; Casting components cleaning, automotive spare parts cleaning, pipes and tanker cleaning, tools and structure cleaning.

Portable Sand Blasting Machines are available in Various capacities as 300 Kg, 500kg, 1000kg

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High Quality Blast Pot made with toughest steel plate for longer life

Built for maximum efficiency under high work loads
Simple design and less joints for high durability
Continuous blast time of upto 40 – 45 minutes
Suitable for all types of abrasive materials such as Sand, shot, grit, Aluminium Oxide etc.
Sand is the most commonly used material, hence to avoid health risks. We use safety wears such as air blaster helmets, air breathers, operators’ suits, hand gloves, and gumboots.

Sand blasting improves the materials dependability and durability.
The removal of unwanted dust particles from surfaces is made easier by portable sand blasters.
The finishing touch is provided by the portable sand blasting machine.