Shot Blasting Machine for Pipes

Adarsh Fabricators offers internal as well as external pipe shot blasting machines.

This machine is widely used for cleaning new or used pipe for oil, gas or waterlines.

Shot blasting removes mill scale from new pipe or rust and corrosion from used pipe. The uniformly cleaned matte surface facilitates inspection and provides more bonding area for subsequent coating. Our blasting machines are automated which are highly usable for surface profiling and dust removal.

The machines are provided with blast cabinets, loading and unloading pipe system.The pipe is kept on inward side of screw conveyor for rotating and forward movement of the pipe to expose it’s complete surface to the blast stream .Pipe shot blasting Machine also has a media recovery system consisting of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, rotary screen separator and an air wash and dust collection system that work together to remove contaminants , Control dust and maintain correct abrasive size in the blasting mix.

Product Features

o Wheel assembly is compact, simple and durable structure.

o Segregation is very efficient which gives dust free environment .

o Dust bag filters greatly reduce  air pollution and improves the work capacity.

o Interior of the Chamber is completely lined with wear resistant steel liners /

       rubber liners for longer life of the chamber.

o Rust, paint, grease, and scales are removed from the metal components.

o A matte finish SA 2 -2.5 can be done by Shot Blasting Machine.

o Electroplating, painting, powder coating, or rubber lining quality can be 

       improved with the help of Shot Blasting Machine

o Fully automated pipe machines remove rust and scale prior to coating.

o Sturdy construction of the machine.