Shot Blasting Machine for Rods Coils

Shot Blasting Machine For Rods Coils

Adarsh Fabricators manufactures a wide range of Shot blasting Machines, portable shot-blasting machines, and sandblasting machines for various applications to meet the requirements of different sectors. Rod & Coil Shot Blast Machine is widely used in Coil & Rod drawing industries to provide clean and finished surfaces.

This machine is rugged in design. Our Wire & Rod type Shot Blasting Machines are cost-effective, flexible, and resilient to early breakdowns. It is a very good replacement for Acid Pickling as it is environment friendly. These machines are very useful online for Coils and offline for Rods.

These machines are also available in full automation. We assure quality and competence in our machines through continuous upgrades and surveillance.

On-line M/c for Coils with Three wheels
Off-line M/c for Rod with Single wheel

Product Features

The wheel assembly is a compact, simple, and durable structure.
Segregation is very efficient which gives dust free environment.
Pleated Dust bag filters greatly reduce air pollution and improve work capacity.
The Interior of the Chamber is completely lined with wear-resistant steel liners for the long life of the chamber.
The construction of the machine is very sturdy.
The performance of the machine is flawless.
It is environment friendly.