Shot Blasting Peening Machine for Leaf Spring

Shot Blasting Peening Machine for Leaf Spring

Adarsh Fabricators Shot Peening Machine is rugged in design and cost-effective. The shot peening process is highly useful for reducing the stress levels on a machine or a component. It lengthens the fatigue life of any part that is subject to bending and twisting stress. Mechanical properties are enhanced by using a shot peening mechanism.
Our shot peening machine for leaf spring gives a continuous online process where one or two leaf springs are kept on the belt conveyor from the inlet side and moves in the Blasting Chamber where they go through the shot peening process thoroughly with the help of one or two blasting wheels (as per the requirement of the customers) and after the shot peening process it moves out from the Chamber.

With this process, our focus is on preventing metal or alloy components from any kind of crack or damage. Our machine will give some desirable and life-enhancing properties to a surface.

Shot peening processes are done in different industries on gears, gear wheels, connecting rods, and leaf springs. We are one of the largest Shot Peening Machine Manufacturers in India.

One-wheel shot peening machine
Two-wheel shot peening machine

Product Features

Economical abrasive consumption.
Chamber is completely lined with hardened liners for better life.
Wheel assembly is compact, simple and durable structure.
Segregation is very efficient which gives dust free environment .
Dust bag filters greatly reduce air pollution and improves the work capacity.
Easy integration into existing production lines.
High sand separation capacity with the help of air-wash separation system.
Can be tailor made as per the customers specifications and requirement.
Low maintenance.
Easy access to maintenance areas and easily replaceable parts.
Assured quality inspection at all stages of machinery development