Achieve Precise Surface Finishing with Premium Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine

Adrash Fabricators is proud to offer a superior line of Cabinet type shot blasting machines, designed to deliver exceptional results for various surface preparation applications. Our shot blast cabinets are meticulously crafted to provide a safe and efficient solution for cleaning, deburring, and texturing a wide range of materials.
Cabinet-type shot blasting machines are specialized equipment designed for surface preparation tasks in various industries. These machines feature an enclosed cabinet structure, providing a controlled environment for the blasting process. Inside the cabinet, abrasive media, such as steel shot or grit, is propelled at high velocity onto the surface of the workpiece, effectively removing rust, scale, paint, or other contaminants.
The cabinet design ensures containment of the blasting media and debris, making it suitable for indoor use without causing environmental pollution. Additionally, these machines offer flexibility in adjusting blast parameters to suit different materials and surface finishes, making them essential tools for achieving high-quality surface treatments efficiently.
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We are one of the best Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India, utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure our products deliver lasting durability and optimal blasting performance.
Our cabinets prioritize operator safety with features like glove ports, dust collection systems, and sturdy construction to minimize exposure to dust and debris. Our shot blasting cabinets are designed for ease of operation, featuring intuitive controls, efficient media recycling systems, and ergonomic workspaces.
As leading Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India,, we offer a range of cabinet sizes and configurations to cater to diverse project requirements and blasting media preferences.

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Features & Applications of Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine

  • Heavy-duty construction for durability.
  • Enclosed cabinet design for containment of blasting media.
  • Adjustable blasting pressure for varying applications.
  • Efficient dust collection system for clean operation.
  • Interior lighting for visibility during operation.
  • Rubber lining to reduce noise and protect parts.
  • Automatic abrasive replenishment system for continuous blasting.
  • Multiple access doors for easy loading and unloading.
  • Variable speed conveyor for customizable processing.
  • PLC control system for precise operation.
  • Surface preparation for metal fabrication.
  • Removal of rust, scale, and corrosion from steel structures.
  • Deburring of castings and machined parts.
  • Cleaning of automotive components before coating.
  • Refurbishing of aircraft and aerospace parts.
  • Preparing surfaces for welding or adhesive bonding.
  • Cleaning and reconditioning of molds and dies.
  • Restoration of historical monuments and architectural elements.
  • Maintenance of industrial equipment and machinery.
  • Texturing of surfaces for cosmetic finishes.
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