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Established in 1968, Adarsh Fabricators is a leading manufacturer, trader, and exporter of high-quality industrial machinery. We specialize in Blasting Machines, Sand Mixers, Ladling Machines, and more. In addition to our machines, we provide a full suite of services, including spare parts supply, shot and grit media, machine servicing, and on-site job execution. We even offer 24/7 support for your convenience.

Our Mission: Uncompromising Quality and Reliable Service

At Adarsh Fabricators, durability and quality are our hallmarks. We are committed to maintaining these high standards throughout every stage of our manufacturing process. Our effective methodology and strong business ethics ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best.

Premium Products

Explore Our Premium Range of Products

Our comprehensive range of shot/sand blasting machines is designed to tackle any surface preparation challenge you may encounter.  We offer a variety of models to suit different project requirements and specifications.

Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine

Built by leading Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India.

Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Our stone blasting machine offers a remarkably efficient and continuous cleaning process.

Coil Shot Blasting Machine

Revolutionize your wire descaling process with Adarsh Fabricators, one of the leading coil shot blasting machine manufacturers in India.

LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

An LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine offers straightforward operation with minimal maintenance requirements

Leaf Spring Shot Peening Machine

A leaf spring shot peening machine is used to improve the fatigue life and overall performance of leaf springs.

Foundry Equipments

Need top-notch foundry equipment and expert support? Look no further! Adarsh Fabricators is India's leading foundry equipment company, Contact Today!

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Best Solutions for Your Blasting Needs

See how we can help you with shot blasting needs in this short introduction video. Learn about our innovative products, exceptional services, and the team dedicated to your success. Click the link below now!

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Read reviews of our happy customers and discover how we have helped them achieve their goals. See firsthand the positive impact we've had on our clients' success and how we can help you too.


We recently purchased a new “Shot blasting machine from Adarsh Fabricators” and its performance is remarkable. The machine’s performance has exceeded our expectations, allowing us to complete projects faster and at a higher quality.

Rahul Joshi

The Sand Mixer is a perfect fit for our production line, and their ongoing supply of high-quality shot media keeps our operations running smoothly. We highly recommend Adarsh Fabricators to anyone seeking a dependable industrial equipment and service provider.

Pooka Gupta

We just got this new blasting machine from Adarsh Fabricators, and it’s like magic! Cleans everything way faster than that old clunker we had before. Highly recommended!

Mohan Sharma

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