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A Coil Shot Blasting Machine is a type of industrial machinery used to clean and prepare the surface of metal coils, typically wire rods. It is an alternative to the traditional pickling process, which uses acid to remove scale and other contaminants. Shot blasting is a mechanical process that uses high-velocity abrasive material to clean the surface.
Revolutionize your wire descaling process with Adarsh Fabricators, one of the leading coil shot blasting machine manufacturers in India. Our innovative machines, also known as wire shot blasting machines, offer a superior alternative to traditional pickling methods, delivering exceptional results with increased efficiency and environmental benefits.
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These blasting machines are typically used in industries like coil & wire drawing, tube and pipe manufacturing, and steel fabrication for achieving pristine and polished surfaces. This coil & wire rod shot blasting machine boasts a robust design, offering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and resilience against premature breakdowns.
Serving as an eco-friendly alternative to Acid Pickling, it proves to be highly beneficial both on-line for Coils and off-line for Rods. Additionally, full automation options are also available for these machines.
As leading Coil Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India, we prioritize quality and efficiency in our machines, ensuring continuous upgrades and surveillance to maintain their standards.

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Features & Applications of Coil Shot Blasting Machine

  • Compact, simple, and durable wheel assembly.
  • Efficient segregation for a dust-free environment.
  • Pleated Dust bag filters for reduced air pollution and enhanced work capacity.
  • Chamber interior lined with wear-resistant steel liners for prolonged chamber life.
  • Sturdy construction for reliability.
  • Flawless machine performance.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cleaning and preparing car chassis and components.
  • Refurbishing aircraft parts.
  • Surface preparation of steel structures.
  • Cleaning metal sheets and components.
  • Removing rust and paint from train parts.
  • Preparing ship hulls and decks.
  • Cleaning pipelines and vessels.
  • Descaling and cleaning castings.
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