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A sand blasting machine is a piece of equipment that uses compressed air to propel abrasive material at high velocity against a surface. This process can be used to clean, smooth, roughen, or shape surfaces or metals. Sandblasting machines are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and shipbuilding.
If you’re looking for a sand-blasting machine with a compressor, look no further. Adarsh Fabricators offer different types of abrasive blasting machines and all work on the same basic principle. The machine uses an air compressor to create a high-pressure stream of air. This air is then mixed with abrasive material, such as sand, glass beads, or steel shot. The mixture is then fed through a nozzle, which directs it to the surface to be blasted.
As leading Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India, we use only the highest-grade materials in our machines, ensuring durability and performance that lasts. No flimsy shortcuts here!
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Whether you need a portable unit for small jobs or a heavy-duty industrial machine, we have the perfect sandblasting solution for you. We, one of the leading Sand Blasting Machine Suppliers in India, excel in customizing machines to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique workflow.
Every machine undergoes thorough testing before delivery, guaranteeing it arrives in perfect working order. Our knowledgeable team is always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right machine for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about these abrasive blasting machines and get a quote!

Features & Applications of Sand Blasting Machine

  • Abrasive material storage tank
  • Pressure vessel
  • Abrasive metering valve
  • Blast nozzle
  • Air compressor
  • Dust collector
  • Safety equipment (gloves, goggles, respirator)
  • Control panel
  • Blast hose
  • Workpiece holding fixture
  • Surface cleaning and preparation
  • Paint and rust removal
  • Deburring and deflashing
  • Etching and engraving
  • Surface texturing
  • Mold cleaning in foundries
  • Restoration of historic buildings and monuments
  • Cleaning automotive parts
  • Preparation of surfaces for bonding or coating
  • Cleaning of industrial equipment and machinery
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