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A stone shot blasting machine is an industrial machine used to process stone slabs, primarily for roughening the surface to increase friction and improve adhesion for further treatments like polishing or bonding. It can also be used for cleaning and removing surface imperfections.
Adarsh Fabricators offers top-notch shot blasting systems tailored for stones such as Sand Stones, Granite, Marble slabs, natural stone, tiles, and concrete products. Our stone blasting machine offers a remarkably efficient and continuous cleaning process.
Built by leading Stone Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India, this machine is engineered to manage slabs measuring up to 1500mm in width and 3000mm in length. A rubber knife is employed to wipe away the abrasives adhered to the slabs, while a finely tuned air knife system, powered by compressed air, blows off any remaining abrasive particles.
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The Working Process of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

As the frequency conversion roller guides the workpiece into the blasting chamber under electric control, each side receives powerful and precise shot impacts. This process swiftly eliminates surface dirt, leaving behind a bright and clean surface with a desired level of roughness.
Our stone type shot blasting machine seamlessly integrates with various other stone treatment processes, including heating and cleaning, tailored to meet client specifications. The desired texture, finishing, or roughness can be achieved by adjusting parameters such as conveyor speed, Blast Wheel speed, or shot size. Automation features streamline loading and unloading processes.
Controlled via a user-friendly cubical control panel equipped with short circuit protection, overload protection devices, contractors, and timers of suitable capacity, the operation is both efficient and safe. Our machine offers a dual advantage, enhancing the appearance with its roughened surface and exposed aggregates while ensuring excellent non-slip properties.
As leading Stone Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India, we offer models suitable for stone slabs of 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft width, catering to diverse project requirements.

Features & Applications of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

  • Compact, durable wheel assembly.
  • Efficient dust segregation for a dust-free environment.
  • Dust bag filters for reduced air pollution and increased work capacity.
  • Interior lined with wear-resistant steel for prolonged chamber life.
  • Variable speed roller conveyor controlled by VFD.
  • Removes corrosion, rust, and debris for a brighter stone surface
  • Wear-resistant rubber conveyor belt for roller protection and versatility.
  • Enhances technique characteristics and resistance to rot.
  • Sturdy construction for reliability.
  • Flawless machine performance.
  • Surface preparation for natural stone countertops
  • Texturing and distressing of architectural stone elements
  • Cleaning and restoring historical stone monuments
  • Deburring and descaling of stone tiles and slabs
  • Surface profiling for improved adhesion in stone flooring
  • Removal of coatings from concrete and stone surfaces
  • Pre-treatment of stone surfaces before painting or sealing
  • Rust and corrosion removal from stone sculptures and statues
  • Etching designs onto decorative stone pieces
  • Refinishing exterior stone facades
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